Electronic pressure switches: Many setting options

Like their mechanical counterparts, electronic pressure switches are primarily considered for simple control tasks. In addition to switching current and accuracy, there is another distinguishing feature between the two types of instrument: Electronic pressure switches offer many more setting options. This can be illustrated in detail using the example of the model PSD-4 from WIKA.
Mechanical pressure switches are set using an adjustment screw and under pressure. With electronic models such as the PSD-4, however, there are two ways. Both are carried out when the instrument is depressurised. The first is a setting using control buttons and display, on-site and without tools. With the second, on the other hand, a programming interface is used. In the past, only manufacturer-specific solutions could be used for this purpose. More recently, however, the universal IO-Link interface is becoming more and more popular.
Electronic pressure switches can be set in many ways, as this excerpt from the menu tree of the model PSD-4 shows.
Independently settable switching outputs
With both setting options, electronic pressure switches can be parameterised beyond just switching points. For example, with the PSD-4, the two switching outputs can be set independently of each other: as normally closed or normally open contacts, with hysteresis or window function as well as with switching and reset delay time.
Users can also switch between PNP and NPN for the switching outputs and between 4 … 20 mA and 0 … 10 V for the analogue signal. Switching the units, for example from bar to psi, is also possible.
Warning and error messages
Furthermore, users have the choice of what is to be shown on the display: the current pressure or the switching values. With the PSD-4, warning and error messages can also be displayed. To ensure that all information is easy to read in almost any installation situation, the display of this instrument model can be rotated electronically.
Support for the operators
The PSD-4 also offers setting functions to support the machine operators. This includes the designation of the measuring location in the instrument with a TAG. The measuring location is thus uniquely assigned. Furthermore, the unit can be locked via a PIN to prevent adjustment by unauthorised personnel.
Factory setting, interesting for large quantities
If you want to save yourself the effort of programming, you can order electronic pressure switches with factory settings in accordance with your specific requirements. This alternative is particularly interesting for large quantities. In this case, the instruments are automatically parameterised. Customers then only need to connect them. In this way, they avoid potential setting errors.
Further information on the PSD-4 electronic pressure switch can be found on the WIKA website. Would you like to buy pressure switches? In our WIKA online-shop you will find some of our standard designs. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.
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